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You can reach me at321-345-8120

Orlando-based Designer

About TJ Rogers Design

I love all things art and music.  I am currently a web developer at FliteHaus Creative Agency in Orlando, FL. I love Sci/Tech and all kinds of gadgets/devices. Movies, TV, books, video games; you name it...

The art of storytelling is also something I am passionate about.  I love to sing.  I dabble in guitar.  Also, I prefer to go by T.J. [which of course stands for Terrance Jerome].

All Things Responsive

With all different displays & devices that content can be viewed on, it is important for users to easily and intuitively navigate your your site.

I make sure that the info and the aesthetics are structured so that users are given great experiences; no matter what phone, tablet, TV, or computing device they use.


CMS & Structure

Content Management Systems enable you to build and maintain sites and web apps that scale well. The flexibility and versatility of Drupal make it a powerful development tool.


Robust Development


Unparalleled Scalability

Clean, Modular Code

Writing clean, semantic code is paramount. From the HTML build & the CSS layout, to the interactivity added by employing Javascript and PHP, I build sites using these languages.


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